What We Do


Our movements and the ways in which we sense the world are the very foundation of our consciusness and the sense of self.

As humans, like all primates, we are first and foremost social animals in constant interaction with each other and our environment, seeking and providing attunement in our relations or suffering the lack of it.

Experiences of trauma, non nourishing environments or unwelcoming relations interfere with the consequent capacity to take focused action. This is accompanied by phisiological shifts in the brain, somatic changes in sensorimotor patterns affecting our ability to be in touch with our internal workings and our sense of purpose.

I propose a way back to a sense of wholeness, integrity and purpose through the refining of your sensing, thinking, feeling and acting and the expansion of your sense of self.

I offer Hakomi and Feldenkrais in either individual sessions, group classes or trainings facilitating a safe, inclusive environment for exploration and learning.