New Events


Hakomi Circles at the Old Mill

We meet every Thursday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm for Hakomi practice. All levels are welcome. Call or email for more info.





Hakomi Nomad Collective Mt Shasta, Eugene, OR,  Davis, CA and beyond!

You are invited to our seasonal Hakomi Practice Circles of Hakomi Nomad Collective facilitated by Maru Serrano, direct student and trainer assistant of Ron Kurtz till his passing.
Hakomi Nomad Collective is the Outreach branch of Hakomi Cascadia, based in Bend Oregon, and affiliated to the Hakomi Education Network. As a group we honor Ron’s vision of the method as an inclusive, nonhierarchical, somatic experience-based approach as quoted in his own words:
“I hope I am leaving a method that is true to our best nature, one that is effective and heartfelt and which is in agreement with the universal human longing for peace, happiness, and spiritual wisdom. That, I hope, will be my legacy”
Space will be held as a laboratory for exploration to practice and develop skills and a better understanding of ourselves in relation.
All levels are welcome. Bring your beginners mind!
Please contact Yerina Rock at  ASAP if you are interested.


We will be meeting every season for a Hakomi Circle Intensive. Dates and time to be announced.




There are currently two whole Trainings in gestation!


Starting on last quarter of 2019. Dates to be announced.


Eugene, OR

Davis, CA

Each Training will have four-weekend modules per year starting in the last quarter of 2019. Participants of each training are welcome to visit if you wish to practice more often.

Both will share online monthly meetings and a yearly five days retreat with Georgia Marvin, legacy holder of the Hakomi Method, as our guest teacher, in Bend OR.

Please contact Yerina Rock at  if you are interested.