More about me


Although my academic background is in Philosophy and Eastern Studies and that interest has stayed with me all my life, I was, very early in life, introduced to buddhism, martial arts, dance and several somatic modalities including shiatsu, yoga and Chinese medicine; my curiosity finally landing  on the Feldenkrais Method and the Hakomi Method as the core of my practice. I still consider my buddhist practice (mostly soto zen nyngma and dzogchen from tibetan budhism) the heart of inspiration for my professional practice.

Bless my mind to turn towards the dharma
Bless my Dharma practice to follow the path
Bless my path to be free of delusion
Bless me that all delusion be transformed into wisdom

By realizing true nature may I mature my own mind
Through compassion and love may I mature the minds of others
May I have meaningful contact with whomever I meet
May the lama and the triple gem bless me so that this may be fulfilled.

— Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche