Learning to move from reaction to response.

Created by Ron Kurtz, inspired by Buddhism, Taoism, Existential Phenomenology, the Feldenkrais Method, Focusing, and Gestalt among others, and currently more and more backed up by Neuroscience the Hakomi Method is a  powerful tool for transformation and deepening of intimacy with oneself and others.

Our actions reflect our relation to the world, others and ourselves. Slowing down enough to see what we are doing give us an opportunity to consider other options that had been shaded by compulsivity and habits.

Hakomi is a method of assisted self exploration that honors the unconditional welcoming of present experience, providing a collaborative, non-violent, environment where mindfulness can be used to identify old habits and ways perception and experience are organized. This allows new sensorimotor pathways to emerge, giving new meaning to your memories and revealing new responses and ways to relate to your environment.

The process is based in the principles of organicity, mindfulness, non violence, unity and holism, unfolding in an improvisational way and deepening through the collaborative creation of small experiments to discover the old patterns and facilitate transformation.

It is a very gentle method that leads, paradoxically, to powerful, profound changes which can be sensed right away in your relation with yourself, others and the world.