Hakomi Cascadia

Hakomi Cascadia is founded on the principles of the Hakomi Method as it evolved to its most refined essence loyal to Ron Kurtz’s, founder of the Method, vision. We are affiliated to the Hakomi Education Network and have our residence by the feet of the Cascades Mountains in Bend, Oregon.

When invited we  facilitate retreats, workshops and Trainings up and down the Cascades Range, which extends from North California to British Columbia, as the Hakomi Nomad Collective, our outreach branch.

We root ourselves on the essential principles of organicity, non-violence, holism, unity, mindfulness and loving presence cherished by the Hakomi Method as a practice for life, cultivating relations and interact with our environment.

We honor Ron’s vision of the Method as an inclusive, non hierarchical, somatic experience based approach as quoted in his own words: “I hope I am leaving a method that is true to our best nature, one that is effective and heartfelt and which is in agreement with the universal human longing for peace, happiness and spiritual wisdom. That, I hope, will be my legacy”

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