At peace with gravity, at peace with the world.

Feldenkrais is a method of self- exploration that uses movement, sensing and mindfulness. It is a way to develop awareness as you learn new sensorimotor pathways that are more refined and efficient for your present experience.
During this inquiry, you may discover new ways of being, sensing, feeling, thinking and acting. And you may change.

These changes occur in a natural, spontaneous way. A felt sense of ease, efficiency and grace, that is pleasant, lighter, more present,  and more real.

The Method was created By Moshe Feldenkrais, a visionary in his time, and has recently been re-discovered and brought to popularity by the latest researches in neuroscience.

Because it primarily addresses the functioning of the brain and the nervous system and it is “applied neuroplasticity” it can be use in a very broad spectrum. From perfecting your skills playing an instrument, dancing or sports, to improving your sleeping or walking, recovering from accidents and strokes. It can help create new pathways that help diminish the effects of learning disabilities, cerebral palsy or down syndrome.

It can be learned through Awareness Through Movement Classes or in individual hands-on sessions called Functional Integrations. It is adequate for all ages and learning styles because, ultimately, it is a way of learning how to learn.