Our homeland is Bend, Oregon, by the Cascades Range, the Pacific Ocean’s portion of the Ring of Fire. The High Desert, shelter, base camp and pathway of the Tribes of the Plains, the Warm Springs tribe, the Northern Paiutes and about one hundred tribes inhabited this land and passed through it gathering obsidian for tools, fishing salmon and eel at the Columbia river and developing a rich trading environment.

The pictures in our site are giving testimony of the beauty and magnificence of this land, once and still sacred for some, that is part of who we are and we are part of.

As a species, we are wired to explore, engage, grow, love and unfold towards our true potential to evolve as a “we”. My mission is to facilitate a space for inquiry and expansion in a compassionate, mindful and embodied way, supporting the refining of your sensing, thinking, feeling and acting to recover a sense of wholeness, integrity and intimacy, welcoming insight, lightness and humor as they emerge to inspire the developing of ┬áhealthy, sustainable and inclusive communities around the world.